The veterinarians at Butler Creek Animal Hospital are skilled in many types of routine and emergency soft tissue surgeries, as well as dental surgery. 


*spays and neuters

*intestinal surgery

*bladder surgery and bladder stone removal

*tumor removal, biopsies

*wound repairs

*dental cleanings, tooth extractions, removal of oral growths


Butler Creek's veterinarians utilize some of the latest and safest anesthetics to develop anesthesia and pain management plans specific to the needs of each pet.


Each patient is closely monitored before surgery, during the procedure, and after surgery until discharge time. Monitoring a patient under anesthesia is a combination of technology and skilled personnel. We utilize the Surgivet anesthesia monitor. This records a continuous ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. However, the most important part of patient monitoring is having a skilled assistant or technician by the patient's side through the entire procedure. 


We employ a registered veterinary technician who assists the doctors in most surgeries, monitors the patients under anesthesia, and assures every patient and client are treated the way we would want our own pets treated. Registered veterinary technicians undergo additional schooling and are required to pass a state and national board exam, ensuring a higher level of expertise. 


We always welcome your questions. If you would like to consult us about surgery for your pet, call us, email us, or schedule an appointment. We will be happy to answer your questions. You are also welcome to tour the surgery facilities at any time. It is best if we are able to see your pet and examine it in order to provide the best advice regarding surgery.