Stem Cell Therapy

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are found throughout the body and have the potential to transform into specialized types of cells. They also have the ability to multiply and replace damaged cells in different areas of the body. For our patients, stem cells are extracted from fat tissue, processed, and used to treat many conditions. We now have a way to treat our patients allowing their own bodies to heal themselves in a way that helps minimize the use of additional long-term medications.


The many uses of stem cell therapy:
  • arthritis pain relief

  • treatment for back and neck problems

  • aid in healing of muscle and knee ligament injuries

  • hip dysplasia treatment

  • fracture healing

  • allergies and chronic allergic skin conditions




How does stem cell therapy work? 

While under anesthesia, a small amount of fat tissue is removed in a minimally invasive surgery. While your pet recovers from surgery, the fat is processed by our technicians to extract, multiply, and activate the stem cells. On the same day, the activated stem cells are injected through an IV and in some cases into the joint. Your pet goes home the same day, and the stem cells travel to the inflamed damaged tissue and begin to repair it.


Stem cell storage:

Once your pet has been treated, the stem cells are stored with our partner Medivet. If stem cell treatment is needed again, Medivet simply ships additional stem cells to our hospital and your pet is given an IV and possible joint treatments again. Your pet will not need to be anesthetized for this procedure.


For young patients:

One big opportunity to help your pet is with our Spay/Neuter Storage Program. While your pet is under anesthesia for routine surgery such as a spay, neuter, or dental, we can obtain a fat sample and process it with Medivet for storage. This way, if your pet ever needs stem cell treatment in the future, it will be simple to have Medivet send the processed stem cells so we can administer them to your pet.

We are excited about this cutting edge treatment, and would love for you to call us if you have any questions or would like to know if stem cell therapy could help your pet.