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This page is to honor our beloved friends after they've passed on and to pay lasting tribute for making our lives better just for having been in it. If you'd like to have your pet memorialized here, click the button below to send us a picture and to tell us about them.

Izzy Kirwin

This is our sweet Izzy.  The sweetest soul ever. Her favorite things were a warm blanket from the dryer, making you chase her to put her on the sofa (where she wanted to be), cleaning her sister's face, and a treat of any sort ️ She loved to go to bed more than any dog on the planet.  We loved her so and miss her sweet presence more than we probably should. Rest easy sweet iboo, we pray your bed in heaven has a warm and fuzzy blankie just the way you like it.

Rusty Albanus

Our beloved Rusty left us suddenly, although he lived a full life for 14 years. A gift as a puppy to our teenage son, he became a loved family member very quickly.  He was the sweetest dog you could imagine.  He loved children and would always allow them to pet him, going down to their level.  We walked for miles every weekend, and in his later years, spent many hours just sitting on the love seat, which he had taken over as “his chair”.  He was definitely a couch potato. 


Always willing to meet strangers, he visited all, providing a friendly head which he loved to be rubbed for hours.  He is missed, but will never be forgotten.

Phoenix Valenzuela

Phoenix was taken in by my boyfriend Brandon from a bad situation where he was most likely used as a bait pup. When we got him he was just shy of a year and was scared or cages and small dark places. He would growl to intimidate us but he slowly grew to trust us again. We then became pregnant with our son Adrian and we were a little cautious with Phoenix around him but it was clear their bond was special and he wouldn’t hurt his best friend. When I started working at Butler Creek animal hospital First we had him evaluated with Frank and Millie they said he would be a good mentor just have him neutered first and we would love to have him in the pack. That’s exactly what he became too a great mentor for those coming into playcare and for dogs I would foster or eventually adopt. Phoenix was with us for 11 and 1/2 years before He went into Kidney failure. But he was loved at both Butler Creek Animal Hospital and at Cedarcrest Animal hospital. He had this tough yet loving spirit about him that connected with so many. I will always love him and will never forget him. Made me really love the bully breed too they are some resilient dogs! Fly High Phoenix.

Leticia Valenzuela

Julia Sullivan

Here is a photo of our beloved Blue Patch Tabby Julia.  In her younger days, when she could still jump, she was quite the performance artist, getting on the counters and artistically shredding the paper towels.  She lost her jumping ability when she damaged her tail falling off the deck.  As she got older, she preferred finding a closet or cubby hole to nap in.  But like clockwork, she’d appear at 5:00 and demand lap time.  She wouldn’t let me do anything else, grabbing my hand if I moved it away or picked up my book.  We’d get into debates at 3:00 am over who was going to get my pillow.  Eventually, she’d let me win.  She was the Blue Diva.  We lost her too soon, tragically, and miss her.



Kate Sullivan

Hunter Blair

This is our sweet boy Hunter. We rescued him at the age of 1 from Pauling County Animal Shelter where he was named Hunter because they found him on Hunter Street. I remember them telling me they kept him longer than other pups because he was such a sweet loving dog. We instantly fell in love with him and all his crazy habits. He loved chasing squirrels up and down the fence and did catch at least 2 in his lifetime. He was very OCD, walking the same path in the yard so much so that he wore the grass down! He hated water and car rides but loved his neck and belly rubs. We miss him dearly but know he is no longer in pain.  We’ll always love you boo!

The Blairs

Chevy Valenzuela

Chevy I had known for a little while as he was boarding often with us at Butler creek, then, unfortunately, his owner had to surrender him to us and I couldn’t say no to that friendly face. I took him into our family did a meet and greet boarding with our pitbull Phoenix and they were best buds instantly. We knew Chevy had some health issues going into this. He had seizures and was had kidney issues. But our family made sure we gave him the best life no matter how much time he did have with us. Chevy was one who never met a stranger, fit right into the pack in playcare and just really lifter your spirit. He radiated love as I liked to say. He was our Golden boy. He did go into kidney failure about a year later we did all we could until he couldn’t fight anymore. He was so loved and really was there for us and Phoenix when we needed it. We miss him every day but we know he is with his best friend Phoenix now is heaven. He Made my heart grown even bigger for senior dogs.

Leticia Valenzuela

Midnight Becker.JPG

This is our beloved Midnight. We sadly had to say goodbye to him on August 10 after having shared almost 14 years of wonderful, loving family adventures. We adopted him from Atlanta Humane Society when he was just 3 months old and he promptly took over the house much to the dismay of our older lab mix Molly. They were good friends to each other until Molly passed away a few years later. Midnight went on many vacations with us and loved staying in hotels. He also loved roaming in our backyard and chasing the squirrels (he never caught one). He had a great life and he certainly enriched our lives while he was with us. He is greatly missed.

Teresa Becker

Shadow Widdel.png

Our Shadow Baby turned 15 years old at the beginning of this month. Sadly, he became very sick and our family had to make some very difficult decisions on his behalf. He was a champ and faced being a seasoned kitty with all his might!

As parents of fur-babies, sometimes you have to make choices that are best for their quality of life.
I want to say you have to separate the heart and the mind to do what is best, however, I don’t feel that.
It is because you love them so much, you know it is better to free and release their spirit and energy. Shadow came to us 15 years ago with his littermate sister. Sadly, she passed last summer. So now they are reunited spirits, not hurting or suffering anymore.


He was our baby and followed us around like our “shadow”. We were blessed with very happy, playful, healthy kitties, that lived a spoiled, indoor lifestyle.
Shadow loved to play fetch with his special toys! You could flick or throw them and he would chase after them and return them to you to and do this until he was just ready to stop!

He also was the craziest kitty and loved to floss his teeth! He was the best flosser in the house! He always knew when beds were being changed or made. He was right there in the middle of it all, and would stay under the mounds of bedding if we would let him. He was known to snuggle in bed, head on a pillow, with a blanket!

It has taken me a few days to do this post because it has really hit us hard that we lost both of our fur-babies within 10 months, with different illnesses.

Butler Creek Animal Hospital was very kind and good to our baby and our family! Thank you for your support and compassion and doing the work that you do. I think it takes very special people to do what you do.

   Rest In Peace, our littlest prince!

🐾Shadow Baby🐾

🐾 04/07/2007-04/22/2022🐾

Minnie Galbraith.jpg

This is our Minnie Mouse. Her cousin called her “The Prettiest Lady” and she was truly beautiful. She was perfect in every way and we were the blessed ones to have had her. Truly blessed.

We lost her last week suddenly.
We had her for over 15 years.

  There aren’t enough words to describe our love for her. Our one and only family dog. She was the heartbeat of our home, the love of our lives. There won’t be a day that goes by that she will not be thought of and missed.

She was sweet, kind, obedient and even generous.  Smarter than some humans for sure. Playful right up until the very end. Loving always.

Our favorite thing was going on walks together and as she got older she loved riding in her stroller. She loved the wind in her face and loved watching the birds and trees outside. But the best times were when she was tucked in the bed in between my husband and I - warm and cozy. Safe and happy.

We will always love you Minnie - with all our hearts. And we want to believe you’re in heaven waiting for us for only a few moments.

-The Galbraith Family

Mini Hadoulis.jpeg

My Mini was the Love of my Life for 4 short years...never to be forgotten, she saved me in many ways. I’d like to thank the wonderful staff at Butler Creek for making it a little easier to lose my girl.

Elena Hadoulis  

Jade McCann.jpg

Jade was my best friend for 17yrs. She loved licking my face for hours and cuddling. She was very talkative and made sure I knew when I was missing my bedtime. Her favorite treats were anything milk flavored and she loved licking up the last of your cereal milk. She enjoyed sitting on top of anything that was occupying your time when your attention wasn't fully on here. My heart aches in her absence and I will never love a pet as much as I love her. 

Theresa McCann 

Soldier Cat.png

“Can you and your husband foster a blind,12-week-old kitten”? Those words from Shannon, the Good Mews Shelter Manager, in December of 2007 started a love story of a lifetime—well, a 9-Lives kind of lifetime, so to speak! She told me a sad story of an orphaned, stray kitten, abandoned at a veterinary office after a virulent eye infection that required the surgical removal of both his eyes. His lids were sutured shut with the cutest turquoise stitches I ever saw. Those tiny, sunken sockets had as much expression as a sighted cat. After tending the precious but tough-spirited little tabby, he was given the name “Soldier” by the vet and staff, as he was such a courageous and brave little patient!

“Hey little kitty boy”, I said. I lifted him carefully, cradling him on my chest with one hand supporting his hind legs, as I told him how handsome he was. He reached up to my face with one front paw and touched me, claws retracted, over my mouth. He was not scared or defensive like one would expect. 

I made a “sling” for Soldier that wrapped around my neck and kept him close to my body. I walked around singing “Oh my little Soldier Boy” for days. He didn’t seem to mind. 

If Soldier had simply learned to find his food bowl and litter box, that would have been enough for us. But he was a tireless explorer and always liked an adventure. When he encountered something on his “walkabouts”, his paw carefully made its way around the object—feeling, smelling, and hearing to test whether it was something he could walk around—or over!!!

Soldier chose to take this situation that life dealt him with the most positive of attitudes---and we all know that a cat can have an “att-i-tude”! Once he familiarized himself with his surroundings, he moved comfortably from room to room—even running full speed up and down the stairs. In his older age, he enjoyed just sitting in his human Daddy’s lap on the deck every day at cocktail hour and enjoyed life!

Soldier has taught us and many human neighbors and friends that just because we are not perfect, there is always a way to compensate and get on with life. 

Soldier Smith died at home in his kitchen on April 28, 2022. He would have been 16 in June. In lieu of flowers, Soldier’s family is requesting that you spend this week sharing your treats and making room on the bed with your furry friends. And most important, spend all of your days giving second chances, because blind or sighted, everyone deserves to be loved to their fullest potential.

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