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There are plenty of critters that become loved members of our families. Recently, animals other than dogs, cats, or livestock, have become increasingly popular! Most people don't realize that routine examinations are important for these exotic pets too.

  • Exotics species we see: 

    • "Pocket Pets" - Small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats

    • Other species that may not be listed. Please contact us if you have questions about your specific pet!

*We do not accept birds as patients, but will be happy to suggest an avian veterinarian for you*

Rabbit Exotic Pet.jpg
Chinchilla Pocket Pet Vet.jpg

We strongly advise researching the care of an exotic pet prior to purchase. You should never purchase an exotic pet on impulse or fall for the marketing line that they make "easy-care, low-maintenance" pets. While this may be the case, many of these pets have special requirements that must be met to live a long, healthy life. Once you have acquired your new pet, we recommend that you bring him/her in for a thorough physical examination to help ensure that your new pet is healthy. Routine, preventative examinations are recommended annually thereafter.

The veterinarians at Butler Creek would love to help take care of these special creatures. Dr. McClintock has pursued additional training and education to be able to care for the medical and surgical needs of a variety of small exotics.