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Dog Training

Dog Training

Our team at Butler Creek Animal Hospital takes pride in the fact that we are more than just coworkers, we're family. This is the type of bond we hope is felt by our clients as well, which is one of the many things that sets us apart from your typical neighborhood veterinarian. What else makes us different? We don't just focus on your pet's physical health. While we pride ourselves on our high standard of medical care, we also understand that your pet's psychological wellbeing is equally as important. Our head trainer, Frank Ortiz, is at the hospital by appointment to work with our patients and their owners. Having a dog trainer on-site has been extremely beneficial for the staff, patients, and their owners alike. Pairing veterinary care with head trainer Frank's extensive knowledge and understanding of our canine companions gives us the tools to address any concerns, behavioral or otherwise, that our clients may have with their pets. It is because of him that we are also able to offer a playcare program at our sister hospital, Cedarcrest Animal Hospital.

Frank and Australian Shepherd basic commands puppy classes possessive behavior modification anxious dog fearful

Butler Creek Animal Hospital offers a variety of different training services tailored to your individual pet. Whether it's just basic puppy training or more serious concerns with aggression or anxiety, we offer many tools to help your pet and family live a more harmonious life together. Many of our services take place at the hospital, but our trainer will also come out to your home for evaluation and training sessions.

Frank Ortiz experienced Dog trainer handler behaviorist Cesar Milan aggression separation anxiety destructive behavior
Common training issues we can help with:
  • Potty training 

  • Crate training

  • Basic obedience

  • Leash walking

  • Separation anxiety

  • Dog aggression

  • Aggression towards people

  • Possessive behaviors

  • Food aggression

  • Fearful/anxious dogs

  • Excessive barking/destructive behavior

  • So many others...

Training services we offer:
  • Group puppy classes (upcoming dates TBD)

  • Board and train

  • In-home training

  • Trainer-assisted veterinary visits for aggressive/fearful patients

  • Temperament evaluations

  • Playcare at the Cedarcrest clinic (currently offered Mon-Fri)

  • Mental and physical exercises

  • Socialization exercises with humans/dogs

  • Pack Walks

  • Treadmill time

  • So much more!

Doggie Stay sit socialization board and train in-home training puppy classes temperament evaluation

If you have any questions about whether our trainer and staff can help your canine, please give us a call. Frank or another staff member would be happy to discuss your concerns with you. No dog is beyond helping and we do see dogs other places have turned away.  Be sure to check out our "Meet Our Trainer" and "Training Testimonials" pages to learn more about Frank! Please call for pricing information.

Frank Ortiz, Dog Trainer
Pack Walk
Frank with some of the playcare pack
Frank Ortiz, Dog Trainer
Exercise using the "stay" command
Muzzle Training Resourses
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