Training Testimonials

Millie has already helped countless clients and their pets. Here you will find some testimonials from clients. If you'd like to have your personal experience with our training services featured, please send us an e-mail!

When Nova (Great Dane) came home with us in May 2018, at 4.5 months old she had never been in a car, slept in a house, lived with cats and had no experience with rules or commands. Scared of her own shadow she would literally hide behind me at Butler Creek during vet visits. At home she could be found under the kitchen table when someone came in the house. She was the first animal we had seen have a panic attack. We knew the best thing to do was have her face her fears so we went to the dog park (didnt know how to play with other dogs), downtown Kennesaw (tried to run back to the car), Marrietta Square (panic attack) etc as much as we could. Nova couldn't handle the sensory overload and as soon as the excursion was over she would release her nerves all over my car in the form of diarrhea. After one particularly difficult outing, my husband found me crying while cleaning the car. As upsetting as it was to be driving a mobile doggy porta potty, I was more upset that this amazingly sweet and deserving dog couldn't experience anything life had to offer and what we were doing wasn't enough. That was the day we made the call to Millie. 


Nova had been going to playcare for a couple months (which helped her learn how to play and be in a pack) and Millie had spoken with us about more intense training but we pushed her off. As a licensed therapist with a specialty in behaviorism, my husband's experience with dogs and a little help from Google we thought we could figure it out. Boy were we wrong. After one call with Millie we felt we had learned more about dog psychology than we had researched and that we could trust in her process of training and entrust our Nova in her care for a 2 week board and train. When you talk to Millie you sense not only her love and passion for dogs and what she does, but also an inherent kindness in her, that she is truly a good person. What we loved about working with Millie is that she taught us how to work with Nova by demonstrating what to do and then having us take over. She taught us how to better understand Nova and held us accountable for what behaviors we needed to change. Millie worked with us, probably more than Nova, in training sessions and phone calls/texts and has been patient with our questions and in our learning process. We have learned that if Millie says "jump" we say "how high".


Nova came back from her board and train a much improved version of herself and came home to parents who felt confident they could continue her training. Nova can now go anywhere without having accidents in the car. She learned she has to poop BEFORE she gets in the car or she can't go for the ride. We have learned she will always have anxiety especially in new situations with new people but that's ok because we know how to help her thru it. Her overconfident sister Skye (8 mo old Great Dane) has a very laid back, low energy, everyone is a potential friend personality. When Nova sees Skye approach a new person, Nova gives them a second chance and smells them to determine real or imagined threat. Millie was right that a confident dog sibling would help Nova with her anxiety. This fall we drove over an hour to an apple orchard and Nova was amazing as we walked around and talked to people while picking apples. Yes her tail was tucked, but her mouth was open and happy. We are so grateful for the help we have received so that Nova can now fully live the life she deserves. We say all the time that we dont know what we would do without Millie! 

The Jansons, Nova

"We have been part of the Butler Creek family for 14 years. Henry is now our 3rd Golden Retriever to be a patient at Butler Creek, and a complete lover of Millie and the play care gang!  I can’t tell you enough how wonderful Millie has been for Henry.  Her board and train program was phenomenal and anytime he attends play care he comes home with better manners. If I had to describe our love for Millie, Butler Creek, and all it offers, I would just have to say, “Simply the BEST!”

Staci Loudermilk, Henry

"I can’t recommend Millie and her pack enough. In my initial conversation with Millie, I told her I was concerned about training a puppy for the first time in 10 years. She suggested a one on one training session in which she could identify some of my concerns. Millie gave me the confidence I needed to effectively and efficiently communicate with my dog. I now have 2 young pups that are confident in all of their interactions, both with humans and other dogs alike. While at weekly PlayCare, the team has worked on specific training items that I have been Practicing at home, reinforcing that positive behavior and interaction. I have recommended her and her team to everyone I know that has a dog that could use a little (or a lot of) help. she Is readily available for questions or concerns and is always more than happy to share her genuine love and knowledge of dog psychology. It means the world to me that we found someone with her skill and knowledge that, not only loves my dogs as if they were her own, but truly wants the relationship I have with them to be the best it can possibly be."

Mackenzie Mabee, Plankton & Nori

"We are so thankful for Millie and the work she has done with our Brittany, Gunner.  Gunner is a very high energy dog that we adopted when he was 10 months old.  Given his very high energy, he struggled to settle down...constant motion all day and night.   His "zoomies" were becoming more out of control and impacted our time with him.  He spent most of his time alone in a crate before we adopted him, so walking on a leash was also a big struggle for him. 

Enter Millie...she was amazing about listening to our concerns and behaviors that we saw with Gunner.  Millie provided us with strategies to improve Gunner's behavior, as well as our own (clear rules, routines, etc).  She worked with our younger son so that he could take back some control over Gunner.  Gunner responded very well to each strategy introduced.  Millie was very patient with all of us and the payoff was huge! Gunner has calmed down tremendously and actually "relaxes" with us.  He walks beautifully on a leash...and we never thought that would be possible.  We can't believe the improvement Gunner has made and will be forever thankful for Millie!"

Nikki Boone, Gunner

"We have worked with Millie over the last few years. We started out when we were working with a woman who was using a very high pitched voice and TONS of treats to train out then English Cream puppy. We were getting nowhere except a spoiled, over indulged dog. Our Vet recommended Millie and her team. Well…

Let me just say, when we met Millie and she came to our home, we were in awe!! The way Millie used psychology and body language along with training us…the humans, was something we had never experienced and I will say, at first we were lost!

After a few sessions, my husband and I started making some progress. That’s right, WE had to change our behaviors. Millie ended up taking Quincy for board and train for 2 weeks and the results were amazing. Our dog responded to Millie in a way I never dreamed of. At that time and to this day, we have 3 dogs. One dog is a highly leash reactive Border Collie. We thought he could never be a part of Play care. Millie kept pressing and lo and behold, he did awesome!

Now here is the tough part…We implemented none of what Millie taught us. We thought training would just magically stick. We are now working again with Millie and she is giving us things to make small wins at a time. 

WE are putting in the work. Dogs mirror us, Millie is teaching us to think like them, in the moment, caring only about feeling safe and feeling there is a leader. The exercise we are working on is how we think our dog feels and what the behavior really means. They are not mad if we do not give a treat, they are not pulling on the leash to aggravate us. They beg and pull because this has always been accepted by us.

Millie is a very gifted, talented trainer who goes deep into the mind of the dog. No harsh collars are needed, no treat bribery. The training is about what they/we think is happening vs reality. Calm owner, calm dog. Confident owner, confident dog, worried owner, worried dog.

We have made the commitment to out away all other training methods we have read about, heard or even practiced and it has led to the relationships we have always wanted with your dogs. The process of become the best leaders we can be. Bottom line, that is the best way to show your dog’s you love them. It is hard and takes work, yes, easier to toss a treat.

You wouldn’t let your dog run in traffic, well an anxious, stressed, frustrated owner is causing them to be in the same danger, just emotionally instead of physically.

Make the choice, make the investment. You will never find a trainer who commits herself to her trade, her pack and her clients. Millie is truly a gift to all of her clients and their beloved pups."

Meryl Dwyer, Quincy, Remington, & Sumnyr

"I cannot tell you what a lifesaver Millie and her team at Butler Creek Animal Hospital have been for us and our one-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Sadie.  Sadie was our first puppy after having two Boxers for almost 14 years and when we got her we were not quite prepared for all of her “puppy behavior”! 

I reached out to several trainers and looked into multiple training programs but I could not find anything that felt like the right option.  Then one day in a casual conversation a friend of mine recommended that I reach out to Millie.  I called Millie, talked with her for a bit about the obstacles I was facing with Sadie, and I immediately felt comfortable with her!  I brought Sadie in for a one on one session with her and I walked away knowing we were on the right path!  She truly educated me on Sadie’s behavior, dog training, and demonstrated several at-home training exercises that have been extremely impactful.  She also recommended that Sadie get more exercise by attending Play Care a few times a week.  I have to admit, I believed that it would make a difference in Sadie’s overall behavior, but I did not think it would have the tremendous effect that it has. 

Sadie started going to Play Care regularly and has every week since!  Millie, Skylar, and Courtney are just incredible.  The amount of knowledge, energy, and passion that is put into what they do has helped Sadie, and us, so much.  We now truly better understand Sadie’s behavior, personality, and she has really responded to everything they do with her at Play Care.  Every week we get little pointers and information on how she is doing and anytime we have concerns about something Sadie may be struggling with they actually dedicate the time to help you – and it works!! 

I am not an easy customer at times and Millie has always treated any of my questions or needs with the utmost urgency and consideration.  Sadie will continue to go to Play Care as they have become a full part of our lives and routine.  Millie, Skylar, and Courtney have made it Sadie’s new forever home away from home. 

The entire team at BCAH is truly amazing – training, grooming, vet care, front desk – they are all incredible and I would recommend them with confidence to anyone!! "

​Micah Holden, Sadie

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