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Training Testimonials

Frank has already helped countless clients and their pets. Here you will find some testimonials from clients. If you'd like to have your personal experience with our training services featured, please send us an e-mail!

Playcare Frank training testimonials experience

Our dogs are a huge part of our family, and when it comes to trusting someone with them, there's no one we trust more than Frank Ortiz. Playcare has become part of our weekly routine where our dogs learn to socialize and play, and we always know Frank is looking after them like they are his own. One-on-one training has become an absolute necessity and we have seen wonderful improvements in our dogs behavior and attitudes. Frank is always patient and calm and has an incredible insight into our dogs actions and create ways to correct then. Most importantly Frank understands he has to not only train our dogs, but he also has to train us to be the owners our dogs need!


-Jessica and John Pearson

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