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Alternative Medicine

Many pet owners are looking for conservative ways to achieve optimal health and function for their pet that is safe and effective. Animal chiropractic and massage therapy are non-surgical, drug-free approaches for correcting or managing many musculoskeletal disorders that affect the joints, disc, soft tissues, and nerves, that are biomechanical in nature. These services are not meant to be done in lieu of traditional veterinary care but instead done concurrently or supplementally. 

For more information on either of these services, please visit one of the following pages:

Meet Dr. Cheyenne Coleman

In 2020, we were lucky to add Dr. Coleman to our team. She provides both massage therapy and chiropractic services to our patients.

Dr. Cheyenne Coleman

Equine and Canine Massage Therapist

Dr. Cheyenne Coleman chiropractor certified canine massage therapist acute and chronic injury muscle atrophy
Meet Dr. C

Dr. Cheyenne Coleman started offering her services at both Butler Creek and Cedarcrest Animal Hospital in October 2020 as a canine Massage Therapist and Animal Chiropractor. Along with being a Doctor of Chiropractic, she has her certification in Equine & Canine Sports Massage Therapy and is Rocktape certified. She is a member of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. While qualified to work on humans, she loves having the ability to provide care for animals in need. Her professional interests include preventative and corrective care for musculoskeletal conditions.

Outside of work, she can most often be found at the barn riding her horses, Caddy and Shy. Dr. Coleman and her husband Chris also have a Bloodhound named Brooks.


Has your pet had massage therapy and/or chiropractic sessions with Dr. Coleman? Tell us about it!

Leroy Massage Therapy cocker spaniel muscle strain aging pet


Fellow playcare pet owners, I recommend you take advantage of Cedarcrest’s new pet massage therapist, Cheyenne. I took my cocker spaniel, Leroy, for a visit and he thought it was great. He came home very mellow and relaxed.

After his visit, Cheyenne gave me a call to let me know how the visit went. She said he had a couple of sore muscles in his shoulder and back. I wasn’t aware of it, he wasn’t limping. I told her we had a petty intense play session the night before and she said that was probably why. She explained that like us (humans) pets can get sore after a hard workout. Cheyenne was able to work his soreness out and he happily went back to playcare.

So if you have a pet that plays really hard or maybe just aging, think about treating them to a massage.



Bailey is our sweet senior dog. One morning, she just began yelping out in pain when she moved in certain directions. I quickly was able to get an appointment with Dr. Coleman for a chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Coleman found her trouble spot and was able to give her some relief quickly. I have been able to do follow-ups to keep Bailey comfortable and to be able to play at her full capacity.


We can't thank you enough Dr. Coleman for taking care of our sweet girl and getting her back to normal as quickly as possible. We highly recommend Dr. Coleman to anyone on the fence about the benefits of the use of chiropractic and massage therapy. 

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